About Bioxidea


BIOXIDEA™ is a French cosmetics brand founded and developed in Paris.

Since our inception in 2008, we have been passionately committed to developing the most advanced and effective beauty products on the market.  As a result of such efforts, our revolutionary product line has grown into a multi-faceted international brand. 

Bioxidea combines Western and Eastern tradition with extensive research, and Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Technology™.  It is through unparalleled passion, dedication and innovation that we have created the most sophisticated cosmetic products, transcending the limits of beauty with renowned results.  Bioxidea delivers long-lasting effects, bridging the worlds of science, nature, and cultural tradition.  Bioxidea’s innovative products are embraced by discerning men and women for their restorative benefits and attention to each individual’s beauty needs.

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